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Claudi believes that her clients are an integral part of her design process. She loves to make connections so she can create the perfect piece, and over the years has made lasting friendships with many clients coming back time and time again.


“Ivy&I is an experience, not a transaction... and that experience is happy and memorable because of Claudi’s warmth, kindness and expertise.

We found Claudi online by searching for a bespoke jeweller for a quote. Claudi responded immediately (even though it was late at night a week before Christmas) and her prompt turnaround with a quote and her desire to at least source the stone before Christmas “so you have something to put under the tree if this is a Christmas treat”, instantly elevated her beyond the others.

Throughout the design process, Claudi was a step ahead anticipating our questions before we asked them, and the end result was exceptional – the craftsmanship and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. Because of this, we also commissioned Claudi to design and craft our wedding rings, and my industrial helix ‘wedding bar’.

We will be forever grateful for meeting a truly bespoke jeweller who made a significant contribution to our engagement and wedding memories.”


“I have been obsessing about this ring for 9 years and needed someone special to make it. Someone that would be sensitive to my vision and have the patience to help me realise it, and the skill and craftsmanship to bring it to life.

After patiently and tirelessly listening to my ideas, I had no doubt that the only person to do it was Claudi. I loved every step of the process, knowing that she cared about the ring as much as I did. Being able to see the ring in its various stages of production was amazing too. And wow, what a ring she has made. It’s breathtaking, and illustrates her amazing craftsmanship and skill, as well as her ability to understand precisely what I wanted this ring to be.

Claudi is an amazing designer, incredibly skilled jeweller and a true artist. This ring, my forever ring, is perfection, and I am forever thankful to Claudi for making a timeless one of a kind piece that has exceeded my dreams. She’s truly been a pleasure to work with. I can not recommend Ivy&I enough.”


“The incredibly talented and remarkable Claudi personally designed our wedding bands, and brought mine and Danika’s love closer to her heart, making our experience unique and memorable.

With less than three months to go before I get to say “I do” to the absolute love of my life, I want to say “Thank you” to Claudi for injecting an abundance of joy and passion into this special chapter in our lives.”


“Getting married was a unique day for me, and I wanted a ring to really capture that feeling. I had an idea what I wanted and Claudi brought my ideas to life and created an amazing wedding band, especially for me. This wedding band gives me such a special feeling when I look at it and reminds me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife.

I thoroughly recommend Ivy&I, and Claudi, to create that special feeling for you too.”


“Buying an engagement ring can be a very daunting experience, but Claudi made this entire process so easy for me. As someone who didn’t know much about engagement rings, Claudi took the time to educate me and invest in my decision. The outcome was amazing. Such a classic and beautiful piece of jewellery. My partner was overwhelmed.”


“Claudi helped me take a sentimental and beautiful tanzanite stone, and set it in the ring of my heart.

She worked closely with me to first render my vision into sketches, then different wax models, and finally the stages of a stunning platinum ring. Claudi shares my love of minerals and gemstones, and it was a total joy to meet with her on such a personal project. Thank you Claudi, I’ll be seeing you again soon!”


“Thomas worked closely with Claudi in the design process for my engagement ring. The outcome was absolutely stunning, and just perfect for me.

When we sat down with Claudi to discuss the wedding rings, we knew that she would again create beautiful pieces. We absolutely love our rings. It was a delight working with you Claudi, and meant so much to us that our beautiful friend contributed so much to our wedding day. Thank you!”


“Thank you so much Claudi, for creating the most incredible engagement ring for me, it’s more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. The personal experience Joe had with you workshopping the ring was really special, and I’ve loved being able to see the journey through your Instagram posts.

We’d love you to make our wedding bands when the time comes. It’s only natural that they are a family :)”


“Claudi had a tough job on her hands trying to make a wedding band that wouldn’t detract from my grandmothers gorgeous antique ring. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

The wedding band is so delicate and sits so perfectly with the engagement ring, you can hardly tell it’s there, but on it’s own is a statement piece itself. A truly awesome experience working with the gorgeous Claudi – who can make any piece of jewellery possible!”


“I love my ring, it’s exactly what I wanted. Claudi was able to get a sense of my personality and my wishes, and came up with a stunning result. She has been lovely to work with, very warm, patient and responsive.

I would thoroughly recommend Ivy&I.”